Why should I optimise my web site for search engines?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) exists to make the most out of businesses’ web sites. As an SEO company, we focus on understanding our clients’ offline and/or online business prior to determining and applying a strategically sound search engine optimisation and/or search engine marketing campaign. Both search engine optimisation and search engine marketing are implicit to successful Internet Marketing (website marketing) campaigns.

Why should I optimise my web site for search engines?
Search engines, similar to libraries, act as large central portal sites that manage all the information on the Internet. Search engines are used over 70% of the time by people looking for company web sites and information on products and services. Therefore, every company that extends their branding, sales and marketing efforts onto the Internet by building a company web site or a mini site for short term promotions, should also optimise their web site – web site optimisation.

The business and marketing benefits of search engine optimisation…

  • You will increase your reach to your online market.
  • People on the Web will find it easier to find your company web site or your products and services.
  • Your web site will be better equipped to assisting your ecommerce sales and marketing activities.

How can I start increasing my rankings and search engine traffic to my web site?

1. Optimise your website’s code and structure for search engines.
  • We perform traditional search engine optimisation a.k.a. web site optimisation, and
  • Offer Spider Linker, a unique server-end software designed for dynamic and database driven web sites.
2. Investigate search engine marketing services that can increase traffic to your site.
  • Guaranteed top 3 rankings in search engines within 48 hours
  • Geographically targeted pay per click advertising services

QU: How does your web site currently perform on search engines?
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Australians using search engines >> DOWNLOAD Australian Search Market Statistics Report
Australians conduct over 297 million search engine enquiries per month and on average, read the first 2.8 pages of results (RedSheriff, March 2003). This means that unless you are in the first 3 pages of results (top 30 rankings), then your site has a very low chance of being found by end users. This comes as no surprise seeing 73.4% of online consumers use search engines to find new web sites online (Forrester, March 28, 2001). This market intelligence is integrated into our search engine marketing and search engine optimisation services. Further, SEO segment this critical mass of consumers via keyword selection.

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